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The tools how to generate a yield up to € 100.000!

Una proyecto asombroso para ti

Our exclusive project, here the demo version www.simonsbenefits.com, was developed for entrepreneurs and their online retailers. The central theme of our project is to let online retailers with modules in a platform plan and carry out their sales without paying advertising costs. Entrepreneurs owning a platform can achieve monthly earnings of up to € 100,000 by using a platform.

The starting point for an entrepreneur is the purchase or rental of one or more platforms with up to 60 modules from PWS CONSULTANTS. These modules, in its platforms, ensure that products are sold without any advertising costs for the module owner. The scope of services can be found at the multilingual web at https://www.extpac.eu using examples. The modules shown in the shop are demonstrating a possible range of products.

The execution details

An entrepreneur buys or rents one or several platforms from PWS CONSULTANTS. He rents the modules on the platform to his contacts. He agrees the rental price with the contacts. In addition, he agrees a commission with each contact about the sales generated via the platform. The rental price will be setoff with this commission, so that the module owner only incurs costs if the sales have been made. These are typically low and offer reliable sales success to the holder of the module.

PWS Consultants sells or rents platforms such as the DEMO www.simonsbenefits.com to entrepreneurs with good contacts to online retailers. Each platform can accommodate up to 60 modules. Each module can be equipped with its products by a dealer. The input of the products or services as well as further changes or offers as well as the invoicing is described in detail in the video provided.


multi-store platform

Enter the demo of the web platform and test its operation.

Enter the demo of the store module to test the operation of the store.



The starting point is the use of a module in a platform like www.simonsbenefits.com. A provider can rent a module and contribute its services there. He receives a video with extensive information about setting up the module with all details, including modifications to the offer. The offer included in the module is successfully advertised in consultation with the tenant. Check with the shop on this website and see some examples.

One platform contains storage space for up to 60 modules for the online application of different products or services. The modules are rented by the platform buyer to his users.

• The platform is set up according to the information provided by the buyer.

• The buyer describes the areas of application of the platform, stating his advertising goals and the products to be advertised.

• For each platform, the type of application for the platform is set up together with the buyer of the platform.

• Extensive technical and maintenance services are provided for the platform.

• For each platform, a video is included with the order as a guide for the installation and also modification of the content of a module.

• There are extensive additional extra services available for a platform on favorable terms after consultation with the buyer.

The target for all traders involved is to achieve optimal sales results without advertising cost!

The PWS CONSULTANTS platform system offers to Entrepreneurs who are owning and operating one or more full platforms to let have suppliers’ good sales results without paying advertising cost.  The platform owner sets off module rental cost against a sale commission based upon the online sales results. Thus, guaranteed  sales results. Both, the monthly rental charge, and the commission will be agreed upon. it goes without saying that the type of offer should be the basis. The supplier may incorporate and/or modify any offer.